Digital Marketing Analytics Overview

Behind every great digital marketing plan is an equally as impressive reporting suite. Our work doesn't stop with the execution of a marketing plan. We ensure every plan is tracked, tweaked and optimized on a continuous basis in order to provide you with measurable results. Gathering data on your clicks, visits, cost and return on investment helps us uncover actionable insights that can affect true business-driving metrics like converting shoppers, qualified leads, calls and booking/sales into revenue.

StrategY. Implementation. optimization.

Helping you understand the effectiveness of your digital campaign is built into every marketing strategy we put together. One of the most important roles we play on your team is to identify how each of your marketing initiatives (e.g., Search vs. CRM vs. Paid Social, etc.) stack up against one another, determine the true ROI, and understand how well they're working together to reach your business goals.

All of the data and information you can gather is really only useful if you do something with it. The true value of measuring your digital channels and web/app data isn't just to prove it's effectiveness, but to help inform what optimizations are required to stay on track as your campaigns mature. Let's partner together on a measurement strategy that is tailored to your business, tracking the right KPI's, and using your data to uncover actionable insights.