Paid Media Overview

We love spending time familiarizing ourselves with your business and the industry you operate in before we start work. This allows us to make sure our strategy is customized based on where your consumer spends the most time. Therefore, we want to make sure our tactical recommendation is as accurate as possible to be able to ensure budgets are spent as efficiently as possible.

Pay Per Click

With more and more advertisers running campaigns, it takes innovative ideas and an unorthodox approach rather than an old-school mentality to stand out on the web.

Bridging our love of data with our in-depth knowledge of the latest PPC best practices, we keep pushing campaigns further and improve results over time. We’ve created and managed campaigns for a variety of use cases, and our service covers the full spectrum of account management. From strategic planning and competitor research through curation of highly targeted, conversion focused keyword lists and creative ads that stand out. Test, Learn, Deploy, Optimize is our mantra.



The internet is the most advanced place to reach a relevant audience, and display advertising is like placing a billboard right where your customers are.

We have experience refining and deploying a variety of forms of display advertising including traditional display, sequential messaging, dynamic, and programmatic. We’re capable of launching campaigns that deliver impressive ROI by targeting only highly-relevant audiences interested in your business. This works even better when combined with our Creative Services team that can help develop artwork tailored to your brand and focused on driving your KPI's.


Paid Social

At its core, paid social allows you to reach people who may not follow you directly, but who have expressed an interest in your type of product, or who fall within your target demographic.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. New networks rise to prominence, new technology increases user participation with real-time content, and existing networks enhance their platform offering. Organic reach is shrinking as the leading networks ramp up their paid channels to monetize platform investment and constantly update their platform algorithms. Let's work together on a paid social strategy that lets you drive meaningful ROI from existing social media efforts.


Video ADs

Video advertising is one of the most effective advertising mediums across the internet, especially on Social Media. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have long favored video content over static imagery. As a result, their algorithms reward advertisers who run quality video content that’s engaging and properly targeted.

The rise of digital video as an effective advertising medium has many different offerings when it comes to connecting with your audience using in-stream ads. Ideal for mass market launches, in-stream ads help marketers drive awareness to your brand and educate consumers about the product or service. Implementing the right strategy of Pre-roll, Mid-roll, and Post-roll ads, can help fuel the rest of your digital marketing tactics.